Parking should no longer be a hassle!

Our concept.

Yespark is a service that allows you to rent a parking spot by the month, easily and without commitment.

Created in 2014 by Thibaut Chary and Charles Pfister, Yespark is actively involved in solving parking problems in urban areas thanks to its technology and its offer of 40,000 parking spots in France, Italy and the Netherlands.

To connect these parking lots, Yespark installs an internally developed technology that allows subscribers to open their parking lot directly from their smartphone, thanks to the Yespark mobile application.

We act for…
two cars
Reduce traffic jams.

30% of traffic jams are caused by the search for parking. And yet the number of cars continues to grow ….


Reduce pollution.

Did you know that the WHO guidelines for Fine Particles are exceeded every year in most cities? ….


nuclear center
sound effect
Reduce road noise.

The exposure of city dwellers to road noise should not exceed 53 dB. And yet, in Paris, the average daytime noise level in some areas exceeds 70 db, which is the noise of a washing machine, without intermittence ….


But above all we are acting to simplify the lives of millions of city dwellers!
Already +3,000 hrs/day

saved in the lives of our users!

Feet on the ground.
Périphérique Paris
Our story.

At the end of 2013, Thibaut moved to Paris and noticed that, without parking, parking every evening after work was hellish… The rental rates for public parking lots discouraged him. The local real estate agency asks him for supporting documents, a paper file, an inventory of fixtures, a deposit, agency fees… Thibaut just wants a parking spot.

So it's hard to find a parking spot. And yet, thousands of parking spots located under private residences are empty. The decision is made: we will create a platform that lists these vacant underground parking spots to rent a spot easily, without headaches.

The company was created in 2014.

Yespark Youtube
Since then, we have been working every day
to offer you the best parkings and the best service possible.
Eyes turned towards tomorrow.
A lack of charging stations.

Today, 210,000 electric vehicles are registered in France, but only 30,000 charging stations are available. Today, 67% of French people say they are ready to buy an electric vehicle, but only 33% are actually considering it because of the constraints.

voiture électrique
concept recharge
Yespark is committed to the future of mobility with
Yespark Recharge

Your parking spot with charging station.

Yespark in a few dates.

Creation of Yespark


First 1,000 subscribers


1st parking lot opened in the province


Acquisition of Parking-Facile. Opening of Italy. 10,000 subscribers


Opening of the Netherlands. 15,000 subscribers


Despite the health and economic crisis, Yespark continues its strong growth (+35% / year). 20,000 subscribers and an offer of 40,000 spaces

At the heart, our values.
coeur dans une main
Care and Share.
Be honest, trustworthy and caring. This is the foundation of the team's collective strength.
cerveau humain
Never stop learning.
Knowing how to question your convictions. It is essential to learn, innovate and venture into unknown territory.
plante qui pousse
Lift each other up.
To be demanding of oneself as well as of others, with the goal of growing oneself, growing others and growing Yespark.
The drunken boat.
Work hard but know how to have fun and enjoy life.
We are the Yesparkers.
Join us!